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Having personalized information at the right time is the successful bet of the Marseille-based SME, Qommute. In a world where data consumption is only growing, being able to offer its customers coherent and reactive information has become essential. Created in 2005, the company wanted to respond to transportation-related issues. It therefore specialized in the development

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Using public transportation anywhere in Europe without having to buy physical tickets is the objective of Wizway Solutions, the joint venture who is a specialist in contactless (NFC) mobile for the transport industry. As a real key element to MaaS (Mobility as a Service) applications, Wizway has developed a solution allowing AOMs and operators to

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With more than 1.16 flights per second, the aviation industry has a lot of data. Real-time data that often proves indispensable for certain sites and applications. From real-time flight tracking to airport information, collecting and processing this data usually involves fairly high costs. Costs that a developer or start-up company cannot sustain in the long

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