ECOMMPAY, an international provider of payment services and direct acquirer of bank cards, licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has just launched a new payment system specially designed for the mobility sector. Presented on their website as “a payment solution that can keep up with the daily challenges that face running a mobility business”, discover the details of this new range of services from ECOMMPAY.

A solution that meets the new challenges in urban mobility

With the rise of shared mobility services, ECOMMPAY wants to help these operators offer the best customer experience. As stated by Paul Marcantanio, Executive Director of ECOMMPAY, “Our new solution is designed to help businesses keep pace with a constantly moving industry. We understand the pain points that occur for scaling mobility companies, and we are here to help you overcome them“. How ? By making it easier to book and validate trips, via online payment or from a smartphone. This is the case with Apple Pay or Google Pay for example. Payments linked to a mobile app facilitate the withdrawal of a small amount of money at the end of a ride so that companies can authorise a predetermined amount and only need to charge for the precise time the vehicle was rented.

ECOMMPAY payment service for the mobility industry
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ECOMMPAY also includes other features such as zero-amount authorisation. This is to allow travelers to check their cards without being charged. Another feature is the recording and secure storage of banking information for future trips, using tokenization. Their payment gateway thus facilitates an omnichannel payment process. It combines acquisition, alternative payment methods and payment capabilities.

A payment solution designed for tomorrow’s mobility

In constant evolution, ECOMMPAY is aware of the new transitions in the mobility sector. Especially with the arrival of MaaS. Acronym of “Mobility as a Service”, the MaaS aims to centralize public and private transport offers within the same platform. By offering the user the possibility to get information or plan a route. But above all, to book or pay for transport tickets. Sometimes even going so far as to set up a subscription covering the use of all mobility services. This is notably the case with Whim, the forerunner of a MaaS solution for the general public.

ECOMMPAY payment service for the mobility industry

As commented by Paul Marcantonio, “We are witnessing a major transformation in the way we travel around urban spaces, with micromobility and mobility-as-a-service set to become the future for transport.” Thus in the deployment of a MaaS solution, ECOMMPAY can ensure interoperability between the different payment systems. An excellent way to position itself as an indispensable technology provider.

For your information, ECOMMPAY can be mainly integrated into VTC, cab, self-service bicycle and scooter services, carpooling, car-sharing, and finally delivery services. It is available throughout Western Europe, Central Asia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). It also includes a native SDK.

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