Infographics :


MAY. 2021

Inclusive mobility:
Not all equal regarding the mobility

APR. 2021

Night trains,
the great return

MAR. 2021

OpenStreetMap , the Wikipedia of Maps

FEV. 2021

Route planners apps, on the way to the MaaS

JAN. 2021

Reinventing Mobility with Autonomous Vehicles


DEC. 2020

On the way to sustainable french ski-resorts

NOV. 2020

The car-sharing market
in France

OCT. 2020

MaaS : the mobility solution
at the service of intermodality

SEP. 2020

The advent of
smart parking in smart city

AUG. 2020

Open Data transport :
The gateway to MaaS

JUL. 2020

MaaS (Mobility as a service),
the solution for home to
work commute

JUN. 2020

European tour of urban trip planning and booking applications

APR. 2020

COVID-19, transport and pollution : what lessons can be drawn from this crisis ?

FEB. 2020

Free public transport,
future or utopia ?

JAN. 2020

Focus on Lyon, champion of urban mobility in 2019


DEC. 2019

The analysis of
the electric car market in 2019