The amount of the acquisition concluded on July 1 and announced on July 10 has not been disclosed. After selling its Ouibus buses to Blablacar and separating from the VTC LeCab platform. The acquisition of iDVROOM, a subsidiary of SNCF by Klaxit, confirms the choice of the public company to turn the page on new mobility services. The startup thus becomes the European leader in short-distance carpooling.

“A nugget that never bloomed.”

Those were the words of Julien Honnart. Klaxit, which claims 215,000 subscribers. It recovers the 915,000 subscribers of iDVROOM in the process, passes the one million subscribers mark on its platform. Against 500,000 for BlaBlaLines (brand of BlaBlaCar) and 200,000 for Karos, Klaxit’s two other competitors in the short-distance carpooling market. This means that the 13 iDVROOM employees will now be employed by Klaxit, which has the largest user base in the home-to-work car sharing segment.

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Contrary to the process of buying Ouibus by BlaBlaCar, the SNCF does not take a stake in the capital of the young company, which specialises in home-work carpooling and has 265 client companies with the integration of iDVROOM’s short-distance carpooling startup. These include TF1, BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Sanofi, Decathlon and Disneyland Paris. “Objective : to conquer 500 new corporate customers. And convert 10% of the 16 million motorists who go to work by car”, hopes Julien Honnart, co-founder and president of Klaxit.

In front of the world leader, the young company hopes to become the leader in short-distance carpooling in Europe. Already present in France and Switzerland, Klaxit is preparing to operate in Luxembourg. On the issue of cross-border journeys, thanks to the iDVROOM contract with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. In addition, a centre dedicated to Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in Angers should see the light of day. “Everyday mobility is not a single market, it goes through territories and companies. Faced with global players who will not be able to adapt to the specificities of each city, Klaxit is today in the best position to succeed in the challenge of short-distance carpooling in France and in Europe”, explains Julien Honnart, who is also planning to raise new funds very soon to accelerate the development of his company.

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