For this last week of May, find our selection of the 3 events in mobility and transport that have marked this month. On the agenda: the acquisition of the French company Padam Mobility by Siemens. A new feature in the “Alert Me by Messenger” application. And finally, the launch by Tier of scooters that can be recharged by users in exchange for free rides.

Siemens Mobility acquires Padam Mobility to expand its intermodal offering

Announced on May 11, the French company created in 2014 with the mission to “offer more efficient transportation in peri-urban and rural areas” joins the Siemens Mobility group with the aim of expanding its intermodal offer. Padam Mobility, already well established on the French territory, has already been able to collaborate with many AOM (Autorités Organistrices des Mobilités) such as Ile-de-France Mobilité, but also with transport operators like Keolis or Deutsche Bahn.

Its technology is essentially based on Artificial Intelligence and offers tailor-made platforms to optimally respond to each mobility issue. Siemens Mobility is already well established and invested in technological tools such as ticketing, journey planners or MaaS, in a more global way, and will therefore be able to grow and extend its range of offers.

© Padam Mobility

Siemens Mobility CEO Michael Peter said, “The acquisition of Padam Mobility reaffirms our commitment to providing digital mobility solutions to support access to public transportation and transportation for people with disabilities. Padam Mobility’s proven software and intelligent solutions will allow us to offer more transportation options that integrate and coordinate on-demand and shared mobility. Having the ability to choose from a wide range of mobility options significantly improves the user experience.

A feature to ensure the last mile of its passengers

Launched in May 2020 by the British Department of Transport, the Alert me by Messenger service indicates, in real time, how the state of rail traffic as well as the crowding on board trains could impact their journeys, offering alternative solutions to ensure social distance. This spring, the application should also be available on WhatsApp.

This new feature, based on the same principle as ROOTE, has been developed by the company Zipabout. It provides passengers on trains across the UK with weather-based transport solutions to complete their journeys after getting on the train. Using what3words, passengers will receive fully personalized travel information. All types of transport will be present: micro-mobility, bus, bicycle or walking. Users will also be able to book an electric scooter from their messaging applications.

© Rail Delivery Group

TIER launches new models including foldable helmet and removable battery

TIER, one of the three operators in the Paris region, is replacing its fleet with new models that are both safer and less expensive. Indeed, these new machines with removable batteries will allow users to recharge their scooters themselves. To ensure the smooth operation of this system, TIER will develop a network of recharging points at merchants. By enabling this, the company hopes to reduce its labor costs.

According to Sylvain Martin, in charge of collaboration with French cities: “It’s a virtuous system for everyone, it brings new customers and additional income to the merchants and at the same time allows us to reduce our travels since part of the recharging is done by the users.” Customers also benefit 15 minutes of free travel for each recharged battery.

© TIER Mobility

Finally, these new models are intended to be safer: folding helmets are made available to improve safety and encourage its wearing, although this is not yet mandatory. TIER also wants to reduce its occupation of public space by proposing an ultra-precise system, allowing to identify within 20cm that the scooter is parked in an authorized place.

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