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On the way to sustainable french ski-resorts

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Ski vacations do not have the greenest of reputations! Indeed, between pollution and the destruction of nature, ski resorts have an ecological footprint that is far from being snow-white. Every year, nearly 11 million French skiers go to the mountains to ski down the slopes. But each year, 800,000 tons of CO2 are also emitted in the resorts. An ecological footprint far from snow-white

In order to fight climate change and preserve the mountains for future generations, we must act now. This is why, in recent years, more and more European and French ski resorts have been implementing environmentally friendly practices. In particular, by promoting a sustainable form of mobility: public transportation, electric vehicles and the introduction of carpooling. Therefore, the MaaS represents an interesting opportunity for ski resorts by simplifying access to these new offers.



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