Launched in June, following the acquisition of Inchcape Fleet Solutions by Toyota Fleet Mobility, Kinto UK is broadening its scope with the help of Mobilleo from Fleetondemand, a MaaS platform dedicated to companies. Discover without further delay the new functionalities announced for Toyota’s global brand of mobility services.

Access to a multimodal offer

Currently, Kinto UK is known to provide a wide range of mobility services. Currently, Kinto UK is known for providing a wide range of mobility services including fleet management solutions, car sharing, car pooling and car hire in the UK. Now, thanks to the partnership with Mobilleo, Kinto will be able to significantly expand its multimodal offer. Public transportation, trains, ferries, cabs, self-service bicycles, flights,… And even hotels. Employees will be able to find, book and pay for their entire journey. And this, according to their allocated budget.

Mobilleo MaaS platform
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As stated by Matt Terry, Head of Business Mobility as a Service at Fleetondemand, “The acceleration of Business MaaS is reaching an inflection point as we head into 2021. Businesses are now starting to consider the wider mobility mix going forward and what this means sitting alongside the use of company cars.” This new platform of Kinto will be developed by Mobilleo, available on computer or smartphone.

Greater flexibility for companies

In order to meet the different policies and mobility requirements of the company, Kinto has also implemented other functionalities. As announced on KINTO’s LinkedIn page, ” This includes saving costs by consolidating travel booking and expenses, alternatives to company cars, cash allowance and grey fleet usage, enhancing employee benefit programmes, improving CSR policies, or driving total cost of mobility intelligence across the business.”

In addition, a suite of management reports will be made available to the employer. Totally customized, each company will be able to have access and visibility of the global cost of their mobility services. This, as announced by Matthew Rumble, CEO of Kinto UK, will make make the Toyota brand “the first organisations in Europe to have access to all-encompassing Total Cost of Mobility schemes.”

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