What if Messenger or Telegram applications were not only used to communicate … But why not search the schedule of your next bus? Or the location of the nearest electric scooter? This is how ROOTE was born. A bot and today a map gathering real-time data of more than ten transportation modes. Zoom on this solution, developed after 3 years of research, now available in more than 1000 cities worldwide.

A solution for traveler information

Although there are many mobility offers, sometimes we have no choice than to use dozens of different applications to move around. It is this reason that the company ROOTE wanted to “simplify mobility for occasional users as well as for regulars using a different means of transportation every day.”

How ? By centralizing transportation data on a single platform. From public transit, to self-service bicycles, to shared vehicles. Data coming from Urban Data as APIs of public actors. But also from APIs of private actors such as Lyko or directly from some operators.

“3 Solutions. One way to move.”

Without using an application, ROOTE aims to greatly improve the mobile experience of all its users. Indeed, an aggregator, it allows its users to find all their data directly from the messaging application Telegram & Messenger. In the form of a bot, their virtual assistants are there to answer all their questions. Currently, they help people in Bordeaux plan their Tramway trips.

But not only that, the latter has also put online an interactive map, currently available in beta version. During 2021, it will integrate various functionalities, such as multimodal route search and dematerialized ticketing. A feature allows users to book various mode of transport or even buy and validate bus tickets.

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About Lyko

Mobility as a Service expert, Lyko provides cities, tourism and mobility industries with a suite of intelligent tools to simplify the development of their own intermodal mobility solution. In just a few lines of code, we offer them the possibility to connect instantaneously to the data and distribution systems of more than 1,500 public and private transport operators throughout Europe. To find out more, please visit our website

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