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The top 7 of your favorite articles in 2022

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First, we would like to thank you for your interest in our blog. We are happy to see that you like our articles and that they are shared so much. Through our 54 articles published this year, we have tried to make you discover these new technologies and actors revolutionizing the mobility sector. Did you miss any? Don't worry, we've put together the top 7 of your favorite articles in 2022, and no surprise, it's still the same one that remains your favorite! Let's go to the ranking…

7. Vektor Partners launches a €125 million fund for mobility startups

Mobility startups, looking for funding? This article should strongly appeal to you. In the 7ᵉ place, we find the London-based venture capital, Vektor Partner which announced, last July, the launch of a new 125 million euro fund. Find out the eligibility criteria to catch the eye of this renowned investment fund, 100% focused on mobility…

6. AirAsia, from simple airline to Super App…

In 6ᵉ, they no longer need to be introduced, Super Apps are more than ever on the Asian scene. While WeChat and Gojek are leaders, a new platform enters the game… Zoom on this airline that has become a super app, which does not intend to stay on the tarmac…

5. MaaS 2022: 4 evolutions and trends to integrate into your platform

This year started off on a high note with an article we enjoyed writing. Namely, the 4 new MaaS trends that are coming in 2022, to the point of tending towards innovations that still a few years ago seemed very futuristic…

4. Uber, on the way to the Travel Super App

We told you about it a few months ago… The official announcement of Uber to become the first Super App for travel in the West. Indeed, the latter wants to eventually become "the must-have travel app", for short and long distances. Find out how it's going to do it and its new integrations to get there…

3. Moovizy - User experience: 10 MaaS applications scrutinized

We enter the podium with Saint-Etienne's MaaS app, which since its launch in September 2016, has been working to make getting around the agglomeration as easy as possible. Zoom in on the UX design of this MaaS solution, which already has more than 150,000 downloads in a city of over 170,000 inhabitants.

2. Whim - User experience: 10 MaaS applications scrutinized

At the second place of this ranking, we find Whim. With more than 70,000 users two years after its commercial launch, Whim is considered one of the precursors of Mobility as a Service. Like the previous article, we zoom in on the UX design of one of the most advanced MaaS solutions in terms of features and offerings to date.

1. Mobility events and fairs not to be missed in 2022

And finally, as last year, our most read article remains: the mobility events not to be missed in 2022. Although hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, the mobility fairs were able to take place without any difficulty… Here are our favorites from last year…

As for us, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and a very good year with many surprises to come.

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