Ubitransport, a startup based in Saône-et-Loire, specialises in intelligent transport systems for the public passenger transport sector. The company is raising its first round of financing for €45 million. A round table discussion with Essling Expansion and several banks gathered around Crédit Agricole Centre-Est.

Ubitransport, in few words

Created in 2012 by Jean-Paul Medioni, the company enables public authorities and mobility operators to manage their networks with digital and real-time solutions based on innovative technologies. These include, for example, geolocation systems, ticket management and passenger information systems.

Ubitransport prepares its international expansion

Propelled by this 45 million euro fund raising, Ubitransport now wishes to accelerate its growth and development, especially internationally. “The amount of this fund-raising is also a message that we are sending out: we have the ambition and the means to innovate even more in order to play in a global competition with German, American and Israeli competitors,” says the head of Ubitransport.

A long preparation

To prove the acceleration of his company, the CEO launched an “acquisition programme” as soon as the fund-raising was completed. The objective: Acquire companies that will bring value, new technological bricks or that will allow access to new international markets.The Maconese company also plans to recruit massively to swell its teams.”We should be close to 80 employees by the end of the year, and 150 next year,” says the manager.

Employees who will notably join the H7 at the Confluence, the totem pole of French Tech One. Ubitransport has just moved into new premises. In addition, Ubitransport is expecting greater visibility thanks to the recent referencing of its tools in the catalogue of the Public Transport Purchasing Office.

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