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Vektor Partners launches a €125 million fund for mobility startups

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Mobility startups, looking for funding? This latest news should be of great interest to you. Indeed, the London-based venture capital dedicated to mobility, Vektor Partner, has just announced the launch of a new 125 million euro fund. Discover the eligibility criteria to attract the attention of this renowned investment fund…

A growing mobility market

With the emergence of new startups, the mobility industry is undoubtedly a fast-growing market. By 2026, the mobility market of tomorrow is expected to reach $178.7 billion, compared to $78.1 billion two years ago. New mobilities are influenced by technological and regulatory changes, but also by changing demographics and consumer preferences. A shift that investment funds are capitalizing on… Over the past decade, more than $400 billion of investments have been made in the sector, a quarter of which has been invested in the last two years… And Vektor Partner is one of them…

In just two years, the company has invested in several innovative mobility startups. In its portfolio, we find AEye, an AI-powered LiDAR systems for vehicle autonomy and advanced driver assistance systems; NoTraffic, the first AI-powered traffic signal platform ; Peregrine Technologies, a video analysis platform for powered traffic. Three startups have in common to provide technologies powered by Artificial Intelligence. And this is only the beginning…

Vektor Partner, more than a capital, a partner…

Founded in 2020, the London-based group invests in “technology startups that make mobility more efficient, safer and greener.” Its objective: to identify and support the growth of new technologies for autonomous vehicles, companies developing software and electronic components for vehicles, data management systems, MaaS and smart city solutions, predictive maintenance systems, fleet or logistics management platforms, or electrification and recharging systems…

An investment fund created by experts in the field. Sebastian Bihari, former head of an automotive technology investment bank and Chris Riley, former chief technology officer. They were later joined by Isabel Falkenberg, ESG expert and former CEO of an NGO providing mobility devices in 22 countries, and Valentin Menedetter, former senior executive of Palantir Technologies and Speedinvest.

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