After adding the click & collect drives and shops on the map, Waze has just announced a new feature. Namely, the implementation of notifications alerting the driver when approaching a level crossing. Already deployed in the United States, Canada and Belgium a few months ago, it is now available worldwide.

A feature that improves road safety

By default, when the user approaches a level crossing, a notification is displayed on the map with an audible alert. Available on Android and iOs versions, the alert remains on the screen until the user crosses the track.

this feature was prompted by pressure from the U.S. Senate and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to reduce the number of crossing accidents and fatalities. As a spokesperson for Waze told  TheVerge, ” Railroad Crossing alerts started rolling out on Waze earlier this year, however now that more people are returning to the roads following the COVID-19 outbreak we are highlighting this functionality to help promote road safety .

A fastidious work of the community

In order to locate the various level crossings, Waze relied on official data from various railway operators. This data was then verified by his volunteer community. Always more precise, Waze is adding a new arc to his application that will surely make a difference. But it is very likely that Google Maps developers will also integrate this option in the coming weeks.

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